Credence Projects LLC was formed with a mission to facilitate easier adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for homes, businesses, non-profits, government, and utilities. We encourage good environmental stewardship and thus protect planet earth for present and future inhabitants.  We would like to present the case for economic success and sustainability through new initiatives proposed.

Solar technologies are constantly being developed and have matured in the past several decades as a proven tool in renewable energy generation.  Solar technologies are mainly classified as “Solar Thermal” or Solar Hot Water and in some cases “Concentrating Solar” capturing and transferring the heat of the sun to warm water or generating steam to run a turbine to produce electricity, and “Photovoltaic” or PV or Solar Electric capturing and converting the light of the sun to produce electricity.  

The complexity of solar projects arises from the interplay of multiple disciplines such as:

  • Engineering (Electrical, Structural, Architectural, and Civil)
  • Optimum technology and vendor selection for solar modules, racking, structures, inverters, energy storage (batteries), control & automation, and data monitoring
  • System sizing
  • Standards and codes (NEC, IBC, UL, NFPA, OSHA, other codes)
  • Utility Interconnections
  • Permitting
  • Contracting
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Financing
  • Taxation and Incentives
  • Legal
  • Operation & Maintenance including warranties
  • System End of Life issues

Potential project owners and other stakeholders are not normally expected to possess mastery over such a wide variety of disciplines involved in implementing and maintaining a successful solar project. It is also not economical to hire consultants from different disciplines for each project. Credence Projects through its Principal and other associates have been developing and implementing solar projects for the past 15 years.

Credence Projects is offering its services as an independent solar consultant for your residential, commercial, or utility projects.  Credence Projects is not aligned with any particular vendor or contractor so as to offer unbiased services to the success of each project.